3D / animation / video

Video and animation is a great way to attract attention to the message and engage the user. We offer various solutions, from simple video montage to 3D animation.

We make TV advertisements, video rolls, environmental advertisements for LED screens and promotional videos for social networks.

  • Video montage – we offer to edit video from your footage. If necessary, we arrange co-operation with a cinematographer and a producer.
  • 2D animation or motion graphics – we craft animations where graphical elements are animated in engaging ways. Such kind of animation is useful if you want to show a lot of textual information in a dynamic way.
  • 3D animation – we make animations using 3D techniques. It is possible to combine 2D animation and 3D animation to create an attractive general style.


We follow these steps when working on video:


  • We summarize your ideas, footage and other materials regarding the video.
  • We consider different options and decide which video type would be the most suitable.
  • If necessary, we design the scenario layout and sketches for separate frames (also known as storyboarding).
  • We create the video and deliver it in the appropriate format depending on the usage.