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The company “Raunas Bruģakmens” has been operating on the Latvian market since 2002, offering a wide range of concrete products made using modern vibro compression technology: pavers, paving blocks, road and sidewalk curbs, various decorative elements, etc. Almost every type of product offered can be made in different colours to fully match the architectural and design solutions of your facility.

The advantage of our products lies in the fact that they are made according to the advanced technology using special mixtures and additives, which significantly increase their strength and reliability, and improve other product qualities. Concrete products made using this technology have a strict geometry, which significantly facilitates the work process during construction or repair. All this mentioned above makes these products special.

For your convenience, here is our product catalogue. In addition to finished products, the company “Raunas Bruģakmens” while using its own products offers a full range of design, installation, gardening and landscaping works.

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