Web-page developing - Bejas

Client: Bejas is a campsite and holiday park that offers a range of recreational facilities, including camping, beach and various activities, as well as a restaurant and a bar.

Task: To create a website that promotes Bejas campsite and holiday park, provides information about its services and facilitates booking.

Idea: To create a website as a virtual guide through Bejas campsite and holiday park, showing the beauty of nature and opportunities this destination offers for carefree holiday.

Solution: The website includes an interactive map and visualisation that allows visitors to explore the campsite and holiday park, as well as a convenient booking system. Each leisure area and campsite cabin can be booked online using a specially designed booking system.

Approximate development time: 2023.

One word to describe the overall feeling: Enjoyable.

Unique design
Wordpress CMS
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Mobile device support
Multilanguage support