Web-page developing -


Client: EUTRANSPORT is an intelligent freight company that we felt needed a website and strong graphic design that would appeal to new and existing customers as a caring partner and friend.

Task: To create a digital platform that would not only impress with its figures, but also with a convincing story about the victories and achievements of EUTRANSPORT.

Idea: Freight companies are always on the move, like tireless heroes of our times. So we came up with the idea of creating a website that is like a digital roadmap, with a new surprise behind every click.

Solution: We decided to create a virtual tour of EUTRANSPORT services as a summary of the company’s experience and expertise. The website functionality allows customers to book a courier and send their parcels on specific dates. The website is complemented by a mobile app and a CRM system for managing orders and customers.

Approximate development time: 2021.

One word to describe the overall feeling: Progressive.

Unique design
Wordpress CMS
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Mobile device support
Multilanguage support