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Customer: Garage Hive is like a Michelin star in the garage management software industry, so its digital solutions should have the same level of perfection.

Task: To design a website that not only reflects the effectiveness and beauty of Garage Hive innovative solutions, but also showcases the company’s impressive range of services.

Idea: Rather than a simple website, we decided to create a digital workshop where users could fully immerse themselves in the mechanical spirit of Garage Hive.

Solution: We created a digital cocktail, with each ingredient representing a facet of the expertise of Garage Hive. It’s not just about the quality of the individual parts, but the expertise to make them work together in harmony, as with any great piece of machinery.

Approximate development time: 2021.

One word to describe the overall feeling: Well-oiled.

Unique design
Wordpress CMS
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Mobile device support