Web-page developing - Vairāk saules

Revitalizing the long-standing brand values, transforming the digital face of one of Latvia’s most loved restaurant chains – Vairāk Saules.

With a vision to merge timeless elegance and modern functionality, to create an aesthetic connection with daily visitors. The left-sided navigation system defies the so already used to web aesthetics , providing seamless navigation and ease of use. A blend of soft pastel colors create an appetizing aura, while unique icon system simplifies food exploration.

The design’s longevity was a priority, ensuring it stands tall for the next decade. The website’s performance was elevated and optimized, resulting in faster load times and ensuring a delightful experience for all.

Our journey was not without challenges, from implementing unique design requests to ensuring responsiveness across devices. The outcome aligns seamlessly with the client’s goal to be the pinnacle of Latvian dining, captivating a broader audience with its refined digital presence.

Unique design
Wordpress CMS
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Mobile device support
Multilanguage support