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DSPC Gadalaiki

Client: SIA “Daudzfunkcionālais sociālo pakalpojumu centrs “GADALAIKI”” is a Center that provides multifunctional social services. The main objective of the Centre is to create a place where people can receive various services and participate in diverse activities with professionals.

Task: To design an informative, user-friendly and visually appealing website presenting the social services, activities and other resources offered by SIA “Daudzfunkcionālais sociālo pakalpojumu centrs “GADALAIKI””.

Idea: To create a website as an information hub where users can easily find out about events, access resources and sign up for classes with the Centre’s professionals. We’ve incorporated the Centre’s philosophy that emotions are like the seasons into the design, reflecting the diversity and flexibility of the Centre’s services.

Solution: We created a website with a clear and intuitive design, where users can easily browse and search for various social services, get to know the Centre’s professionals and the activities it offers. The range of services is clearly presented, with detailed description of each event. Vibrant elements and colours make the website attractive and appealing, and reflect the emotional richness of the Centre.

Approximate development time: Summer 2023.

One word to describe the overall feeling: Evolving.

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HTML 5 & CSS 3
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