Web-page developing -


Client: Melnsils.lv is a tourism and leisure company that needed a website to inspire travellers and promote its offers.

Task: To develop a website that showcases Melnsils.lv charming seaside holiday options and encourages travellers to choose this amazing destination.

Idea: Understanding that Melnsils.lv wanted to position itself as an exclusive destination rich in natural treasures, we designed a website that would highlight this unique and scenic place both visually and content-wise.

Solution: The web design of the website is well thought out and focuses on the beauty of the landscape and nature. The choice of colour scheme and graphic elements create a coherent overall impression that reflects the hospitality and uniqueness of Melnsils.lv. The content is well-structured and provides a clear overview of the services that are offered. Customers can book accommodation and order personalised gift cards on the website. The overall design of the website is adapted to the two seasons of the year – winter and summer – both visually and content-wise.

Approximate development time: 2023.

One word to describe the overall feeling: Exciting.

Unique design
Wordpress CMS
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Mobile device support
Multilanguage support