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Graphic design is an important part of marketing.

Printed materials that can be physically touched continue to play a large role in the promotion of products and services. We create graphic design for printed materials, as well as, in cooperation with printing houses, we ensure their production and delivery.

By creating graphic designs for printed materials, we will help you find an effective way to display the information you need – text, photographs, illustrations, if necessary – something completely new and special. We will advise on different types and formats of layouts, the choice of paper, if necessary, we will select a suitable souvenir on which the required design can be printed.

We have experience in creation of the following printed materials:

Design of booklets, brochures, books

Poster design

Personalized calendars


Business cards



Advertising layouts for newspapers

Large format PVC banners



We may use the information provided by you (text, photos, ideas for illustrations or design, corporate identity);


We will discuss which format to choose. The format depends mainly on the amount of information and the purpose of use.


Choosing a printing technique among:


Digital printing allows you to print an unlimited number of colours on a white background. This option should be chosen if a small circulation is planned, and the result must be ready as soon as possible.


Offset printing is also a full colour printing, the advantage of which is the ability to print on various types of paper – newsprint, coated paper, cardboard, etc. This option is beneficial for large and medium circulations.


Screen printing (silk screen printing) allows a limited number of colours, but has low cost for large circulations, as well as the ability to print on almost any material. The print will be much thicker and more embossed than digital or offset printing.


We create a sketch of the design.


After the sketch is approved, we prepare a layout for printing and send it to the printing house.