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A logo can serve different purposes. It can be the reflection of your company`s image, recognisable marking of a service or product, it can show activities, values, attitude, status. It is worth to seriously consider the message of the logo and its usage because it will be your “face” memorised by customers, business partners and the society.

To make the logo successful and serve a purpose, you should consider the following questions:


What is your target group? Are they young people, businessmen, housewives, etc.?


What are your core values? Shall the logo show elegance, “green thinking”, respect, ascetism or anything else?


Which colours would you like to see in your logo? Colour usage effects perception of the logo vastly.

  • Red colour associates with heat, intensity, it can stimulate one to make sudden and risky decisions. This is the colour of power and strength, energy, passion and love; however it can point to aggression and danger.
  • Yellow colour associates with the sun and its warmth, it is the colour of optimism and hope.
  • Blue colour with its coldness and association of the sky and the sea can be calming. It gives the feeling of trust, safety, tidiness and cleanness.
  • Orange colour is one of the warmest colours and full of energy. It balances between the strength of red colour and the warmth of yellow, creating a feeling of energy, balance and warmth.
  • Green colour shifting between warmer and colder tones can show naturality, health, productivity and good luck.
  • Purple colour doesn’t generate strong emotions, so it is suitable for calm, aristocratic, intellectual and mysterious style where the person is not provoked to do rash activities. This colour is often used for beauty products or with the aim to underline creativity.
  • Earth tones point to an organic origin, green thinking, and in some contexts also conservative values.

Would you like to include a symbol or a graphic element in your logo? Will it reflect anything specific or will it present the message in an abstract form?


What is the intended use of the logo? Will it need to have size versions for different uses (emblem, stamp, printing on souvenirs, etc.), or is it planned to be displayed on backgrounds of different colours and tones? According to these requirements we will decide the best way to develop the logo technically and visually. For example, if it is planned to print the logo in large quantities, it is necessary to use PANTONE paints (special paint catalogue for large runs of print). If embossing technique is desired (pressing the relief of the logo into the material), the logo has to contain lines that are thick enough.


What typeface would you like to use? The typeface provides a lot of information about the style in general. It can be ascetic, elegant, designed as hand writing, joyful and playful, calligraphic. We will help you to choose a font that presents the message in the best way and will be useful in the general style of the brand.

We are eager to help with ideas for developing non – standard logos. For example, some companies and individuals choose to present their logo with animated, kinetic or interactive features, whatever the display media allows.

Perhaps you already have a logo that is recognised by loyal customers but it is obsolete or reflects tendencies that were important at the moment of creation (but not anymore). In such case, we offer logo refreshment or redesign, so it still conveys the original message, but in a modern or timeless design.