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Mobile app development

Nowadays, a simple website may not be enough to achieve your company’s goals, and you need to think bigger. Therefore, based on the growing demand, we offer our clients the development of various mobile apps along with technical support throughout the app’s lifetime.

We create bespoke mobile apps based on customer requirements with easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) solutions for iOS and Android platforms.

It’s hard to imagine everyday life without a variety of useful mobile apps these days, so a mobile app is a great way to grow your business. It can help your business reach existing customers and attract new ones, increase your brand awareness and competitiveness.


The mobile app is a new channel for communicating with your customers.

Mobile app helps you to inform, engage and motivate your target audience. With mobile apps, your business can engage existing customers in marketing activities, reach out to potential customers, offer services or send messages.


To help you achieve your business goals, we offer you the development of high-quality mobile apps based on your needs:


Marketing apps


Sales apps


E-commerce apps


User support apps


Business process management apps


Project management apps


Why choose GRANDEM?

We are results-oriented.

A mobile app tailored to your business needs to help you achieve your key goals: attracting new customers, increasing sales, retaining existing customers and developing new business ideas.

Expertise, creative ideas and years of experience.

We have a proven track record of delivering complex web apps, business process management apps, efficient and marketable e-commerce apps and advanced marketing and gaming apps to our clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Security and reliable, professional support

Long-term warranty and support. We design systems that can be developed, extended and improved on an ongoing basis.


Mobile app development step by step

We offer a full service app development cycle: from assessing your needs to launching and maintaining the completed project. We tailor our working model to each client because every project is different.

Step 1

Concept development

The concept starts with an idea. First and foremost, we listen to your needs, wishes and ideas. Our team of professionals will then summarize this information and come up with the most appropriate solutions and technologies to turn your idea into a reality.

Clear and simple cooperation

Our clients appreciate the quality of our work and the support we provide. We ensure clear and easy cooperation throughout the project. We maintain a high standard of quality throughout the development and testing phases, as well as in the post-launch support we provide.